I have had great experiences with IntelliX. The overall environment is meant to be relaxed and friendly, so I never felt intimidated to ask for help. The instructor explain things in a clear and straight forward manner. Also students get time to work on actual problems, and therefore learning by doing. The course material is very well organized. If you put in the time to read the materials and do the assignments, this class will take you far. My instructor was awesome! Extremely knowledgeable and always available for questions.


I was very happy with Intellix’s approach to training which was very hands-on and collaborative. I think after the session, our concepts and fundamentals of testing are very strong . Your explanations always went beyond what is in the book. Getting to work on an actual project – right from reading the requirements document to building test cases and logging defects (using the latest industry tools) has been a valuable part of this training. I feel confidant that when I face an interview, I can answer questions confidently with actual , real world examples . It felt like an internship rather than just a training session!


Intellix software is the best QA classroom training institution in Columbus, OH. The training is well organized. The instructors are very experienced. They are always available for questions and guidance. Some other courses which they offer with QA , make it easier to get a QA job in this competition. I highly recommend Intellix software.


I did QA bootcamp, SQL and automation. Worth every penny! They are very helpful, material provided is good, help you with prepping for the interview as well. Hands on projects and training. Would highly recommend.


Best place for IT Training…. real live project hands on… and affordable. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and always available for questions. I got a job job in one month after the classes ended. Now I am working as a QA in BMW Financial Services.


It was an excellent experience and time well spent. The involvement was amazing and it took us back to old college days where you were afraid of all those dead lines and also feeling victorious after getting a concept right.


QA boot camp course at Intellix is always interactive and integrated with meaningful learning examples or experiences to help students better understand individual concepts.


Attended QA & SQL Bootcamps. It was an excellent learning experience and time well spent.


Before coming to Intellix Software, I had been reading a lot about Software Testing and trying to make sense of what it was all about. My goal for taking the bootcamp was to have a better understanding of Software Testing and hopefully turn my career around which is exactly what happened. I was able to piece together all the information I had gathered prior to Intellix about Software Testing and they provided us with real life practicals which put everything into perspective for me. Prior to my training all the information I had seemed very abstract. However after my training, I gained a better knowledge and was able to get a job four months after we were done with the bootcamp. The teachers were good and encourage you to be more analytical based on their teaching style. If you are going there with the mindset of wanting to be spoon fed every information, then I will say look elsewhere. But if you are interested in seeking out information and being analytical, then this is the place for you. Besides the theoretical and technical knowledge and experience acquired, I also had a fun time during our bootcamp. We worked as one family and really enjoyed the weekends spent there. I will recommend Intellix Software to anyone looking to change careers or even just interested in IT, to consider Intellix Software.


I recommend Intelix for all courses offered at the institution. All you require is commitment to the course and classes. They provide all the necessary required materials you need for the course. The course is mostly hands on which is very helpful for the students. If you need to get job ready for the IT market, want to shift/change careers or get promotion you have always wanted, this is where you will get all you need. It is a one stop get all you need in your career. I took classes here and I feel, I made the right decision. I also took my sons there too and one of them was given internship at the college and learn’t a lot of very good and perfect skills for the job. They also do boot-camp and teach children of young age on how to code in python during summer time. My sons enjoyed coding so much. Until today they speak of how good it was for them to have learned coding. Making a decision to train with Intellix Software Inc one of the best decisions one can ever do, like I did. You will never regret taking any course at Intellix. It’s all worth what you pay for. Try it and you will see all the benefits flow your way.

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