Technology and business landscapes have been profoundly altered by cloud computing, allowing those who have adopted it to more effectively use other new technologies like social media, mobility, big data, and advanced analytics to reinvent their businesses.
How? By doing tasks with greater efficiency, speed, processing power, and customisation than users could have previously imagined.

It’s time to shift the discourse if you’re still referring to the cloud as something apart from your company rather than discussing how the newest technology may be used to solve business concerns. Welcome to a completely new style of working and your digital future.

The adjustment to this new manner of working can be made easier using IntelliX Software. We assist our clients in establishing and maintaining a vibrant IT ecosystem where all stakeholders and various technologies work together seamlessly to promote organisational progress. We do this by drawing on our wide experience and in-depth insights.

The next ten years or more will be spent globally revamping IT architecture to incorporate the cloud and reap its benefits. Adopting a hybrid strategy within an organisation could seem simple on the surface, but maintaining even a basic hybrid environment can be a very difficult task.
To assist businesses in navigating cloud potential and difficulties,IntelliX Software is in a unique position. We deliver a profound awareness of the possibilities that result from the coexistence of legacy systems and cloud solutions, as well as a crystal-clear understanding of the digital future that this hybrid environment is bringing about. In order to accelerate innovation and turn complex surroundings into high-performance engines, we combine these insights with our understanding of the industry.
We support organisations specifically in the following areas:

  • Migration strategy for Windows Azure Cloud
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud-based Software Services Development
  • Cloud Security