Hiring Network

  • Get Hired by Great Companies
    We have a hiring network of several companies throughout the midwest. We are working hard to continuously develop new relationships while expanding existing relationships. We work with across the full range of industries including: technology, healthcare, finance, automotive, manufacturing and professional services.
  • Meet Hiring Companies
    Throughout the Bootcamps, we may invite companies to stop in to tell you about their company. As a student, you benefit by understanding company culture and opportunities, and you start to build relationships with the hiring managers and developers you could be working with.
  • IntelliX Alumni Network
    We train our 100+ students a year for various career tracks. You will become part of our alumni network. Join IntelliX Alumni Network on Facebook to get in touch with Alumni working at various companies throughout Central Ohio. You can leverage IntelliX Alumni Network to learn about job opportunities and understanding job prospects further.