Agile Workshop (1 Weekend – Saturday & Sunday- 8:00 AM AM To 1:30 PM) (Starting March 3, 2018)

Training / Agile Workshop (1 Weekend – Saturday & Sunday- 8:00 AM AM To 1:30 PM) (Starting March 3, 2018)

Agile Workshop (1 Weekend – Saturday & Sunday- 8:00 AM AM To 1:30 PM) (Starting March 3, 2018)

Start Date: 03 Mar, 2018 End Date: 04 Mar, 2018 Course Fee: $275.00 Seat Available: 10

A recent survey of development and IT professionals shows that agile is now the norm. The majority of development teams and projects now embrace the methodology, while pure waterfall approaches are in the minority. Driven by a belief among agile adopters that this new style of development is more customer-centric and enhances team collaboration, the method was slow to start but quick to dominate, with most of the growth occurring in the last five years. The primary motivators for agile adoption were improving team collaboration and increasing software quality and customer satisfaction. These factors, not efficiency gains, were seen as the strongest benefits associated with the methodology.

Although agile methods were first introduced more than a decade ago, most organizations using agile only adopted the practice in the past five years. Several large companies in Columbus, Ohio area including Nationwide, AEP, JPMChase and more have made heavey investments in Agile process & project delivery. Understanding Agile process and how to effectively deliver software using Agile is must have & high in-demand IT skill that every IT professional must have.

Applicable Job Roles: Software Developer, Business Analyst, Business Users engaged with IT/Software Development Projects, Data Warehouse Developer, Mainframe Developer, Software Quality Analyst

Objectives for this class are:

Prerequisite: 6+ months of IT industry industry experience or training as a QA, BA or Developer is required.

Learning Approach: You will start with learning about about agile process and project delivery. You will learn to apply various Agile tools for project delivery. You will also work on delivery of real-life IT project using agile process & methodology.

Class Duration: 1 Weekends session on both Saturday & Sunday (8:00 AM to 1:30 PM) – Includes Training plus Real-live Project plus Thursday evenings Lab (6:00 PM to 8:30 PM) – Approx. 16 learning Hours!

Early Bird Fees – $275 Online or $260 via check (Register by February 3, 2018), Fees after February 3 is $299

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